Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Field Trip Fun!

Last Friday 5K took a field trip to the Mississippi Museum of Natural Science in Jackson. It was great fun and we saw a lot of neat stuff. There were dinosaur skeletons, saltwater fish, and a two headed snake! We got to pet a baby alligator, a baby turtle, and a snake!  We took a hike on a nature trail, and then ate our picnic lunches. After that we got to play on a really huge and fun playground. I think everyone was tired after all the excitement and took a nap on the way home!
We are getting close to the end of school! Can you believe it? We will begin practicing for our end of the year program that will be on May 19th in the PDS gym.
Next week is Spirit Week, and it is always a lot of fun. We get to dress up on something different every day, and on Friday we get to wear our new May Day Play Day t-shirts and play some fun games at the Delta State football practice field. It's a lot of fun. Be sure to join us!